Monday, April 14, 2008


Jim Bramlett (25 Feb 2008) "Please pray -- I have an incurable disease"
Dear friends:Your prayers would be appreciated. I can no longer hide or ignore my long-standing problem. The fact must be faced. I have an incurable disease. Doctors do not understand it. It is called "rapturitis." Because it is so far removed from the norm of modern society, some consider it a serious mental disease. Rapturitis especially flares up in the spring and the fall, oddly concurrent with the Jewish holidays, but it can manifest anytime. Below are some of the symptoms, which are now raging in its victims:
1. Strange desire to see a man who was executed as a common criminal almost 2,000 years ago, and was resurrected.
2. Belief that this man will someday suddenly show up in the clouds with a shout, and take believers away to Paradise.
3. Bizarre desire to see and reunite with departed loved ones, whose bodies will come out of the graves at the above shout.
4. Increased disdain for this world's values and realization of its deteriorating condition.
5. Compulsion to improve the world knowing all along things will get worse until the above-mentioned man appears.
6. Compulsion to tell others about this man and His plan.
7. An almost perpetual smile and inner peace because of a perceived hope, commonly referred to as "blessed hope."
I have had this chronic disease for many years but the past few years it has become increasingly acute. It must be contagious because I know of many others with the same symptoms. It must be pandemic because millions of victims are all over the world, seemingly in every country, with the exact same symptoms. I am not asking you to pray that this condition be removed from me. Rather, pray that others will catch it! I want to be a carrier and spread it, as with this message. It is a great condition to have!WARNING: This message carries the bug. I pray it will jump out on you -- NOW!!!

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Anonymous said...

Great post, BrotherMark. Love it! :)

Best one: "Strange desire to see a man who was executed as a common criminal almost 2,000 years ago, and was resurrected."