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Days of Noah

Days of Noah Follow-up: UFO videos

by Michael G. Mickey


In a recent commentary, I discussed the possibility that there is more to UFO phenomena than meets the eye. Below are a number of UFO-related videos that offer opinions, both pro and con, concerning a number of high-profile UFO cases.

The Phoenix Lights above were a hot topic in the late 1990s and remain so even today in terms of UFO-related phenomena. Little over a year ago, during a period similar to now when UFOs were a hot topic in the news, I wrote a commentary on the topic.

The Stephenville, Texas UFO sightings were the topic of several commentaries I wrote because the official explanations? Suffice to say they were weak when compared to the testimony of numerous Texans.

On January 15, 2008 I wrote a commentary wherein the military's official explanation of what the residents of Stephenville saw was two commercial airliners flying in close proximity to one another. By January 31st, as I documented in another commentary, the military, in Roswell-like fashion I might add, had reversed course completely. By then the citizens of Stephenville, as it turned out, had seen military aircraft in the area. I didn't buy it at the time and I can't say that I buy it now for the reasons stated in the commentary.

In the video above, we are told a large UFO was seen in Belgium, where both NATO and the parliament of the revived Roman empire we today call the European Union are headquartered. The large object seen by hundreds showed up on radar as triangular in shape which corroborated eyewitness accounts. Not only that, the object, whatever it was, dropped from 10,000 feet in altitude to 500 feet in mere seconds when military jets approached its position after being scrambled. "Wow!" said an investigator. "That's not like, you know, super technology. That's Star Trek!"

At the end of this commentary are some more NBC News videos for you to review, a number of which I believe you will find quite interesting.

Saucers flying everywhere

Recently, there has been an influx of UFO-related news that, in light of other events taking place of prophetic significance, has captured my attention. Why all the renewed interest in UFOs all of a sudden? Perhaps one answer is because the Vatican's chief astronomer, Reverend José Gabriel Funes, said recently that "there is no conflict between believing in God and in the possibility of extraterrestrial civilizations perhaps more evolved than humans."

Not only did Funes make that assertion, he also implied that the human race might actually be the "lost sheep" of the universe, implying in no uncertain terms that our 'extraterrestrial brothers' could be beings who, unlike fallen mankind, "remained in full friendship with their creator."

If you're not sensing that a potential satanic deception of galactic scale may be in the works, it's time to 'wake up and smell the coffee' so to speak! We may well be witnessing the setting of the stage for the strong delusion spoken of in 2nd Thessalonians 2:11 to fall upon mankind in the aftermath of the Rapture of the Church! If the recent UFO mania isn't THE strong delusion referred to, it may well be a component of it.

Even NASA astronauts have gotten in on the UFO buzz recently as seen in an AFP article.

"If we push back boundaries far enough, I'm sure eventually we'll find something out there," said Mike Foreman, a mission specialist on the Endeavour, which returned to Earth in March.
Recently, Thomas Horn of Raider's News Network wrote a commentary wherein he explored, in part, the potential correlation between extraterrestrial activity as related to demonic activity which is what I thoroughly believe to be true as I have detailed in the past.

A portion of Horn's commentary poses the following question: If a portion of "flying saucer" activity is in the biblical sense demonic, what nefarious purpose would be served by the stealthy nature of UFO phenomena?

The answer to that question is presented as follows:
According to some, the answer is diabolical. UFO-ism, they say, is aimed at preparing the earth for an extraterrestrial "return of the creator gods." To put it bluntly, some believe we are being prepared for the collapse of man's dominant religions. This will happen in two ways:

First, alien religion--as reported in hundreds of abduction cases--is one of evolutionary humans "on the verge of extraordinary telepathic and technological emergence" in which transhumanism will pave the way for harmonic and spiritual convergence to the community of space brothers.

Second, from a technological standpoint, UFO sightings challenge the claim of human superiority and dispute our unique role in the universe. We are made to feel shallow, undeveloped, unenlightened if we consider rejecting the new universal religion.

ETs bearing this message often point out that "they" will be reappearing at any moment to assist us in this--our next big evolutionary, spiritual, and technological step forward.
Horn offers the following advice, based on 2nd Thessalonians 2:11's promise of strong delusion coming upon mankind in the prophetic future:
Beware if world authorities begin "disclosure" by pointing to ancient mysteries, megaliths, pyramids, the Face on Mars, UFOs or anything else as proof of an ancient visitation of planet earth by creator ETs. Deception, we are told, will follow. We will be instructed to believe that ancient astronauts--not God--created the human race, and a great "falling away" of the earth's major religions will follow.
While no one knows with certainty what God's prophetic plan is going to see transpire, there is potentially, at the very least, evidence that ancient mankind could have been assisted by beings of a higher level of architectural knowledge than we possessed to construct structures that many say mankind couldn't even build with today's technology, such as Stonehenge and the pyramids in Egypt for example.

Mankind would do well to bear in mind, at any moment that extraterrestrial visitation to our planet is officially declared as having occurred in the past or as occurring now, what we see described in Scripture taking place leading up to the Great Flood when "the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them.." Genesis 6:4

The "sons of God" or ben 'elohiym are not only seen in Genesis 6 but in the book of Job as well, chapters 1 and 2.

In the Job accounts they, along with Satan, appear before the throne of God and boldly declare that they have been traveling about the earth. Satan is the prince of the power of the air according to Ephesians 2:2. He is also a lair and the father of it, according to John 8:44. Thus, one had best think with his mind and not his eyes in the event a flying saucer arrives to announce that mankind is about to enter a new era of peace and prosperity - or anything else for that matter, even if it's only to announce that gas prices are going to drop below $4.00 a gallon.

I don't care what comes spinning through the air, climbing out of a test tube, warping in via a time machine or anything else! If it directs mankind away from God as Creator and the Almighty, it is of Satan. Period.

Keeping the information presented here in the back of one's mind, if no place else, may prove to be of tremendous spiritual benefit in the prophetic future.

While I wholly believe that any purported ET contact would occur after the Rapture of the Church based on 2nd Thessalonians 2, we could see more stage-setting taking place in the future if this is to be a component of the strong delusion to come. For that reason, it is my heartfelt prayer that my readers will prepare their nonbelieving family and friends for what may lie ahead just in case it comes to pass.

Given the amount of attention UFOs and ETs are getting lately, I sense a satanic deception may be in the works - one rebellious and unrepentant mankind might latch right onto, particularly if it was perceived to be a salvation of sorts without the need to come to any sort of faith in God.

Atheists like Richard Dawkins who make fun of born-again Christians for believing in the God of the Bible, likening Him to an imaginary flying spaghetti monster and the like? They will be lining up, in my humble opinion, to buy a lie of epic proportions and that because they and their kind took pleasure in their unrighteousness. 2nd Thessalonians 2:12

UFOs and the end times. Right now I feel 70% certain flying saucers are going to play at least a limited role in end times prophecy which is 100% why I feel led to bring these matters before my reading audience. As I have often said, a great deal of Bible prophecy's teachings, particularly where the Tribulation Period is concerned, will be best understood by those here to see it. Nonetheless, if those of us here now see even the slightest hint that our fellow mankind may be susceptible to being deceived by something that mankind already has a fascination with, we'd be remiss not to raise a red flag now. After all, Jesus Christ could come for His Church at any moment.

God bless you all!

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You might like this video which links Satan directly to UFO's. Don't let the title stumble you!

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