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The purpose of “growandknow” since I started the blog in January 2008,
out of frustration that very few I knew in my family or out, was interested in
discovering the TRUTH OF GOD.......was to reach out to those who have ears to
hear and eyes to see in the world, who have been lied to by Satan’s false and counterfeit churches and denominations in TWO MAIN AREAS:

(1) The End Times , and
(2) What is the True Gospel ?

If one does not have a grasp about the truth about the end times, the days
we are now living, one will be completely in THE DARK about what is really
going on in the world ! If people have been lied to their whole lives, about what the true Gospel is, then they are not as saved as they might other wise believe,
and end up learning the hard way in the SOON COMING TRIBULATION.

It is my desire to be one that builds on the foundation that Jesus laid through
knowledge of what the Scriptures literally say. We are warned in Hosea that
God says my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. God be my Judge
in the Bema Judgement, whether or not my efforts to reach out to others were built
with precious materials or hay and stubble to be burned up.

Since January 2008, my fellow servants have both praised my efforts for
Christ Jesus and beat me severely with their tongues. Believe me, each stripe
I received did hurt me in real time. I have been informed by loved ones that I
now have a reputation of spending too much time on the computer..(about two
hours a day) , since starting “growandknow” ....Awe shucks....I guess I have missed the boat spending so much time studying God’s Word ! Maybe I should have spent all that time watching old re-runs of American Idol, or Desperate
House Wives, or Oprah, or 24 Hours, or the Three Stooges. Then I would be loved by the World......NOT !!! I didn’t even play one game of computer Texas Holdem. If I had spent all that time playing computer poker, I doubt it that I would have been noticed. I am very sorry for that, but I haven chosen to sit at the feet of Jesus and grow in faith and knowledge rather then
sit at the seat of Satan in front of the boob tube soaking in the cares of this world.

I pray that at least one or more or hundreds more from around the world will be “SNATCHED” completely out of the very time of the Tribulation, and receive
valuable knowledge from god’s Word leading to their Salvation.

My first post in January 2008, was about “The Rapture..Which Is Right ?” ....Pre-Trib,
Mid-Trib, Post Trib, or Pan Trib. I still feel Pre-Trib is most correct. At the end of this current post, there is a list of all my posts so far. I started “growandknow” in January, and started keeping track of hits in February.

COMING FULL CIRCLE....and growing and knowing much more since then,
I have discovered that each group is partly right and partly wrong. The following is why I believe each is wrong and right.


Dear Doves,


RAPTURE #1 IS PRE-TRIBULATION: it is the First-Fruits rapture of the Christian Gentile believers of the Church in Philadelphia.

Rev 3:8 &10
"I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an OPEN DOOR that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.
Since you have kept my command to endure patiently, I will also KEEP YOU FROM THE HOUR OF TRIAL that is going to come upon the whole world to test those who live on the Earth."
(These Christians will NOT be tested before being raptured while they "live on earth" because they have "endured patiently".)

RAPTURE #2 IS MID-TRIBULATION BUT PRE-WRATH OF GOD: it is the rapture of the lukewarm Christian Gentiles of the Church in Laodicea.

Rev 3:18
"I counsel you to BUY FROM ME GOLD REFINED IN THE FIRE, so you can BECOME RICH; and (buy from Me) WHITE CLOTHES TO WEAR, so you can cover your shameful nakedness; and (buy from Me) salve to put on your eyes SO YOU CAN SEE.

1 Peter 5:10
"And the God of all Grace, who called you to His eternal Glory in Christ, AFTER YOU HAVE SUFFERED A LITTLE WHILE, will Himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast."
(These lukewarm Christians will "suffer a little while" on earth and "be tested while living on the earth" as they are "refined in the fire" by buying "gold", "white clothes" and "salve" from Jesus during the first part of the tribulation.) They are described in the next verse:

Rev 7:13-14
(Those who are NOT "accounted worthy" to be included in the First Gentile Rapture, will have a second chance to make the Second Gentile Rapture which occurs during the first-half of the tribulation. The "full number of Gentiles will come in" at this rapture.)

RAPTURE #3 IS POST-TRIBULATION: it is the rapture of the Jewish converts to Christianity during the time of 'Jacobs Trouble' which is the second-half of the seven-year tribulation after "the full number of Gentiles has come in" and God turns His complete and undivided attention to saving all Israel.
There will be no Gentiles included in this rapture because the Gentiles who are not "accounted worthy" to be included in the Second Gentile rapture will have received the "delusion from God' and "the gospel will be veiled to them".
Come Lord Jesus!
Bruce Warner



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Given55 said...

Keep up the good work. You are a blessing.

Anonymous said...

Though I don't fully agree with you on the Rapture, I am blessed by your ministry because there's much we agree on -- especially on how many Christians today are led astray and need to know the Truth as set out in God's Word!

Keep up the great work, my good brother. The Lord bless you and the ministry!


jim said...

I have something for you on my site. I hope you like it. It is just to have a little fun.