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Four Horses Getting Louder

Sorry fellow bloggers, but it seems that I have been posting a lot lately
on the topic of Blood Red Moons. I have stated before, many times, and
most of the people involved in discovering this have stated,


But there have just been too many signs coming together to not watch. I am
not setting a date ! IT IS GOD WHO SETS THE DATE..........The Appointed Time.....
He said that the moon and sun are to be signs for the appointed time. The Feasts
of God.....not the feast of the Jews, they are called, are shadows of things to come about
Christ Jesus who is the substance of the shadows to come.

The Lord said, "He comes as a thief in the night.........(ONLY TO)..........

Lunar Eclipses and Israel’s Coming Travail

Rabbinical tradition teaches us that a solar eclipse is a bad omen for the world. A Rabbi Meir said in a recent commentary: “When the luminaries are in eclipse, it is a bad omen for Israel.” A solar eclipse is a bad sign of trouble for the world and a lunar eclipse is a sign of trouble for Israel. No more than seven eclipses can occur in any one year. Twice in the 20th Century there were seven total eclipses. In the years, 1917 and 1973 were filled with prophetic implications. During the seven eclipses that occurred in 1917:-The Russian Revolution occurred, introducing communism, and World War I was coming to an end.-Occurring in December, the seventh eclipse coincided with General Allenby liberating Jerusalem from 400 years of Turkish rule.-The Balfour Declaration was signed, giving the Jews access back to PalestineDuring the seven total solar eclipses in 1973:-The Yom Kippur War occurred, which could have destroyed Israel-The Arab oil embargo impacted America and the West-Twenty-eight nations suffered from drought-History’s largest explosion occurred on the surface of the sun-America’s U.S. Supreme Court passed the most damnable law of all Roe. V. Wade, opening the door to the innocent slaughter of BILLIONS of unborn babies.Since Israel is on a lunar calendar - based on the cycles of the MOON - any eclipse on the moon is considered a cosmic sign for Israel. The moon has a 29 ½ day cycle. In slightly less than 30 days, the moon enters a four-phase cycle as it moves from darkness to light, and back to darkness. According to Avi Ben Mordechai, in his book “Signs in the Heavens,” with each cycle of nearly 30 days the ancient rabbis understood that the moon was being “reborn,” or “born again.” In the Old Testament period, an entire Jewish festival was proclaimed at the beginning of each month, called the B’rit Chadasha, or the New Moon Festival. During the 1,000-year reign of Christ, the New Moon Festival will be reinstituted.Isaiah 66:23
And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and from one sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, saith the Lord.

The Moon Of Blood

The inspired Biblical prophets predicted the moon would become blood.

Acts 2:20
The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before that great and notable day of the Lord come:

For centuries, scholars have attempted to ascertain the meaning of this prophecy. Jewish tradition and beliefs may help us explain this passage. In 1996, Israel celebrated the 3,000th year anniversary of Jerusalem - from King David’s conquest in 1004 B.C. to A.D. 1996

On Passover, April 3, 1996, a full lunar eclipse appeared over Jerusalem. A photograph of this eclipse appeared in the Jerusalem Post with the caption, “The Moon of Blood.” When a full lunar eclipse appears, the moon takes on a reddish, almost bloody appearance. On September 26 of the same year, a second lunar eclipse created a blood-like image and was visible in Jerusalem on the eve of the Feast of Tabernacles. A third lunar eclipse (90%) happened six months later during PURIM, the celebration to remember how the famed Jewish Queen Esther defeated the wicked plans of Haman.

Thus, THREE lunar eclipses occurring within one year on or near three Jewish celebration days is almost unheard of. These three “blood moons,” caused tremendous excitement and anxiety among rabbis in Israel, according to the same article. A blood moon, which appeared twice the same year and fell on the first and last feast of Israel, indicated to them this was a cosmic sign from God of impending trouble in Israel. The ancient belief was that a blood moon (lunar eclipse) could symbolize BLOODSHED and WAR.

Since 1996, thousands of Israelis have died in their own land from the suicide attacks of Islamic radicals. Just four years after these events in 2000 the Palestinian Authority launched its most recent intifada or “uprising” against Israel at the hands of the now deceased Yasser Arafat. Three months after the last full lunar eclipse over Israel on March 29, 2006, Hezbollah and Israel were at war for 60 days in a skirmish that exposed the sudden weakness of Israel’s military preparedness under the faithless leadership of Ehud Ohlmert.From a Hebraic understanding, the signs of a sackcloth sun and blood moon can refer to a full solar and lunar eclipse. According to Scriptures, this will be one form of cosmic activity prior to the coming Day of the Lord and the future Tribulation.

Acts 2:20
The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before that great and notable day of the Lord come:

Egypt, Israel, The Man of Sin and the Sun and Moon

Daniel 11:43
But he shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver, and over all the precious things of Egypt: and the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall be at his steps.

Ezekiel 32:7-8
And when I shall put thee out, I will cover the heaven, and make the stars thereof dark; I will cover the sun with a cloud, and the moon shall not give her light. [8] All the bright lights of heaven will I make dark over thee, and set darkness upon thy land, saith the Lord God.

Israel and Egypt are always scripturally connected in Bible history AND prophecy. The “HE” in Daniel 11 is none other than the Antichrist. Ezekiel records unusual cosmic activity during this same time. This prophetic passage may have two possible interpretations. First, the “clouds” spoken of may form through massive explosions of weapons and bombs, who aftermath fills the skies with dark suffocating pillars of smoke and gas. This would create a dark cloud covering over both the sun and the moon. The second possibility is that this darkness will be caused by a COMPLETE SOLAR ECLIPSE. Solar eclipses over Egypt are actually very rare. Yet, one occurred just a few months back on October 3, 2005 at 12:50 p.m. Cairo time, and another is scheduled for March 29, 2006 at 11:52 a.m. Cairo time. The NINTH plague to hit Egypt in the time of Moses happened in the first of Nisan. March 29, 2006 is the FIRST OF NISAN ON THE JEWISH CALENDAR! In essence, this upcoming solar eclipse over Egypt will happen on the same date in Jewish history when Egypt was put in darkness during the times of MOSES.A scripture found in Ezekiel predicts a time when the king of Babylon, a type of antichrist, will come, as Nebuchadnezzar did centuries ago, and conquer EGYPT Ezekiel 30:4-6 says that Ethiopia and Libya will fall into the conflict. These three nations, Egypt, Libya and Ethiopia, will be conquered and controlled by the future Antichrist.Both Egypt and Israel will suffer greatly at the hands of Antichrist during the Tribulation. To know that a solar eclipse is taking place over Egypt, Israel’s neighbor to the south, on the same day one took place in the same region during the days of Israel’s Exodus from Egypt- I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to know this is one of many signs in the heavens taking place at the present warning us something huge is on the horizon and at the very LEAST - we’re living in the last of the last days. These are significant prophetic events during significant prophetic times! These passages below from Ezekiel are yet future and will be fulfilled during the Great Tribulation at the hands of Antichrist.Ezekiel 30:4-6 -And the sword shall come upon Egypt, and great pain shall be in Ethiopia, when the slain shall fall in Egypt, and they shall take away her multitude, and her foundations shall be broken down. [5] Ethiopia, and Libya, and Lydia, and all the mingled people, and Chub, and the men of the land that is in league, shall fall with them by the sword. [6] Thus saith the Lord; They also that uphold Egypt shall fall; and the pride of her power shall come down: from the tower of Syene shall they fall in it by the sword, saith the Lord God.

Ezekiel 30:18 -At Tehaphnehes (EGYPT) also the day shall be darkened, when I shall break there the yokes of Egypt: and the pomp of her strength shall cease in her: as for her, a cloud shall cover her, and her daughters shall go into captivity.

According to Ezekiel, there will be a 114-mile path of total darkness in the very area that was affected by the eclipse of March 2006 which this writer believed then and he believes now was a prophetic foreshadowing of what is coming in the near future during the days of the Antichrist when he is revealed. There will certainly be future solar eclipses in the future over the Middle East. The one in March is just the most recent on the solar calendar. Either way, to see this happen in our generation is stunning at the very least and deserving of our attention. We’re living in times spoken about by prophets nearly 2,800 years ago!

Another interesting aspect of this event is the date itself - March 29, 2006 (3-29-06) (And don’t worry this writer is not remotely about to walk down a path of date-setting or predictions- I’ll leave that to the TBN crowd and these modern prophets wanting an audience) There are two reasons that this date is very prophetic.

The numbers 3 - 2 - 9 are actually connected mathematically - 3 to (2nd) power is nine! E.W. Bullinger states in his book “Numbers in Scripture” that God uses numbers many times to illustrate His plan or truths. The second aspect, which is more important to this writer, is what took place on March 28, 2006 - one day before the total solar eclipse in Egypt - Israel held her national elections that brought in the government of Ehud Olhmert which seems hell bent on dividing Jerusalem and stripping Israel of every ounce of the ability to defend her borders against enemies seeking her destruction.

With the recent assasination of Hezbollah’s main leader, Israel stands on high alert for anything at this moment. IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi warned the army on Wednesday to be ready for a new conflagration in the region. “There are dangers to our survival on the horizon and great challenges to Israeli security. The IDF needs to ensure a rapid victory in any conflict and I cannot guarantee that we won’t need to act in the near future,” Ashkenazi said at a graduation ceremony for a ground forces officers training course at the Officer Training School near Mitzpe Ramon. The army chief said the IDF’s job was and remained to serve as “a safety net” for the continued existence and success of the State of Israel. Also attending the ceremony was Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who told the soldiers that the lessons of the Second Lebanon War had been internalized, and that Israel was now better prepared for any conflict. “The lessons of the war are being implemented at all levels of command in the IDF: in the branches, corps, commands and the departments of the General Staff,” Olmert said. “Unprecedented resources today allow the IDF to train more, prepare better for a time of trouble, and train commanders and fighters at all levels in the best possible manner and for all scenarios.”

Olmert would not understand the best possible manner for all scenarios if they were written on the wall with the finger of God Himself. He is the most faithless leader in all of Israel’s history since 1948 in this writer’s opinion.

The issue is not Olmert however, it’s the fact that Israel is about to travail in the end of days as the world is being prepped and prepared for the rise of the Antichrist and the great Tribulation period. Israel will have no where to turn but God when this takes place, which is in the Divine plan to begin with - to bring the nation back to Him and get Her to recognize Her Messiah, God’s ONLY BEGOTTEN SON - JESUS CHRIST, who is not only Israel’s Messiah, but the World’s Saviour. I feel the power behind those words as I write them. This Same Jesus is coming soon neighbor and He is coming quickly! We need to make our calling and election sure and be ready to go at any second. Praise God. God bless.

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