Tuesday, July 22, 2008

UFO's ......Vatican Says They May Be Our Brothers ?

What about all the up serge of UFO sightings. They seem to be on the increase.
Why would the Vatican issue a statement recently that it thinks they are real and are our
sinless brothers ? What is the Biblical view of the question of UFOs ?


A War in the Heavens - Ali Siadatan Interview on UFOs from a Biblical Perspective

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Ali Siadatan Interview - MP3

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Born in Iran, and now based in Canada, Ali Siadatan has been involved in a life long search into spirituality. After examining many perspectives his heart was opened to the gospel and he become a disciple of the Nazarene. He feels that the hand that has guided him through life has led him into the examination of the relationship that exists between angels and UFOs.

Ali is the director of the critically acclaimed file UFOs Angels and Gods, and you can get more information at ThinkAgainProductions.com

Also Watch this timely video from Prophecy In The News on this subject:

Space Aliens:
New - A Theological Perspective - New

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