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Why Is Now A Great Time To Watch For Jesus To Come ?

First, I would like to say that in light of Pastor Biltz discovery this year of the
tetrads and the blood red moons falling on Passover and Tabernacles for 2015 and
September 29-30, 2008, and being the start of a new seven year period between Jubilee years... is just too big of a revelation to NOT WATCH !

24:29 “Immediately39 after the suffering40 of those days, the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of heaven will be shaken.41 24:30 Then42 the sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven,43 and44 all the tribes of the earth will mourn. They45 will see the Son of Man arriving on the clouds of heaven46 with power and great glory. 24:31 And he will send his angels with a loud trumpet blast, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven47 to the other. Matt 24:39.... Trumpets 2015 ? ! !

Take a look at seven years earlier..... Trumpets September 29, 2008.

Some have indicated that this is the end of the 6000 years since creation at Trumpets
September 29, 2008. **** SEE INFO BELOW ****Even if that is not true, the end of 6000 years and then the final 1000
years is very near.

I find the most evidence in Scripture for Pre-Trib view, but.... I find no reason for the Called out Body of Christ to have to be purified in a Protestant Purgatory/Tribulation. Scripture clearly says we will be taken out of , even the time of the Wrath of God to fall on an unrepentant world during the Tribulation. Although leaning towards Pre-trib, I see no Scriptural evidence for its most important false tradition of men....that being an any moment Imminency - return of Christ, to come even before I could finish writing this piece on the subject of His return ! On the contrary,
I see it premature to find a possible return of Christ for His own until after Israel was back in the land in May 14, 1948, and regained, after the miracle of the Six Day War in 1967, control of the Temple Mount. There were blood red moons for May 14, 1948 and the start of the Six day War. I find it uncanny that blood red moons happened on important Holy Days of God and other dates important to the Jews, although Hal Lindsey had spoken even before reading any of Pastor Biltz material
and called this kind of thinking "pure speculation" in referring to Pastor Biltz discoveries regarding where blood red moons have fallen on important Holy days of God in the past....

Another interesting piece of the end times to watch, that fits perfectly, is the fact that every
28 years the order of the sun, moon and planets line up perfectly with the way they were
at creation. This has only happened in history on the Passover time 3 times. This next seven
year cycle of God, which could very well be the time of Jacob's Trouble, this happens on Passover 2009. It would be very interesting to find us snatched up to heaven before this
and to partake of the fruit of the vine with Christ in on the eve of His death and Sacrifice
for us at the very beginning year of the Tribulation. It is something to watch. I have leaned towards a First Fruits Resurrection of the Dead in Christ and our change and Rapture 40 days later, but until I see how this is brought down by God, I am certainly watching this 2008-2015 time frame ! I am watching everyday praying for Christ to come for us. so if He does come
before I finish writing this or you read this, I won't be disappointed !
Maranantha! Expecting Him soon!


To find the date of the years in the 28 year cycle you must compare the perpetual calendar to those dates in the table located at study of the Blessing on the Sun.

This part of the study in pertinent:

The beginning of the solar cycle always occurs in the month of Nisan, and on the same day of the week [Tuesday night] although not always on the same day of the month. Sometimes it occurs at the beginning of the month, sometimes in the middle, and sometimes at the end. Only once in 532 years does the cycle begin on the same day of the month as it did at Creation. However, we do not take this into account for Birkat HaChamah, since the day of the month is determined by the moon, whereas the sun alone determines hours, days, and years. Therefore, a new solar cycle is considered to have begun when the 28 years have elapsed, and it is our duty to praise the Creator as if it were the day of the sun's Creation.

The Hebrew year 5769 (2009) will mark the completion of two hundred and six solar cycles, and in Nisan of that year, we will once again have the privilege of reciting the berachah. Although twenty-eight multiplied by two hundred and six equals 5768, our Sages explained that the natural order of the world was suspended during the year when the Flood occurred.

Thus we see that of Kadosh Elyon’s statement that it has only occurred twice, pertains to the 532 year cycle that Eliyahu Kitov mentioned. Thus when the Jewish people were in danger of being completely destroyed, HaShem delivered them with mighty miracles. Thus we experienced miracles in both of those times, once at Pesach and once at Purim. This suggests that the third occurrence will also be accompanied by miracles.

Birchat HaChamah falling on the day before (erev) Pesach is a rare event, having occurred only three times since creation. A person would be very fortunate to bless the sun on this fortuitous day. Because we were redeemed from Egypt on Pesach, Nisan 15, to say the blessing as we are preparing for departure from slavery, suggests that HaShem is preparing us for something related to redemption, renewal, and creation.

Birchat HaChamah is in honor of the sun’s return back to its original position that it began from during the first week in creation. Therefore, it too represents the power of hitchadshut, renewal, and therefore, of redemption. Thus, in 5769, on Erev Pesach, the very night that we are doing our bedikat chametz (searching for leaven), we will experience a double portion of hitchadshut, of the power of renewal, and during the eighth year of a Shmita cycle that has its own power of redemption built in. (5768 is a shmita year, thus 5768 is the eighth [or first] year.)
Brother Sal





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September 29, 2008: Possibly The 6000th Anniversary Since Adam

It would be good to include a reminder that from Bible chronology some scholars calculate the end of 6,000 years, or the sixth millennial day, since Adam as on September 29 2008(Rosh Hashannah).

On the "Third day" Jesus went to the "wedding." Question, why the Third day? Why did God say in Hosea 6:2 that after two days, He would revive Israel and on the "Third day" they would "live in His sight".

In Exodus 19, God told Moses to tell the people to get ready today and tomorrow (that is two days). For on the "Third day" God said He would come down on Mount Sinai.

Why the "Third day?" Well in light of what has been found or revealed in the Bible codes concerning the "Third day" it is incredible.

A number of months ago that I found "Third day - Rapture" all woven together 26 times. Throughout the Old Testament, it is found in Esther 5:1 where Esther put on her "Royal robe" on the "Third day" and went in the Kings throne room and approached His throne.

Also, "Third day Rapture" is found woven together in Hosea 6:2. I found "Third day Rapture" all woven together. In Exodus 19 where it talks about the people getting ready "today and tomorrow" which is two days, and God came down on the Mountain on the third day, third day rapture is found there.

I sent these findings to my very good and loving friend Bonnie Gaunt in Michigan so that she could look and verify my findings, she was astonished at what I had uncovered in the codes. We both agree that this is the "key" to unlocking the timing of the coming of the Lord for His bride.

It is giving us the timing of the Rapture, which is encoded in these scriptures. I only mentioned three but that leaves 23 more in scripture that are there.

In running codes, it seems that very often the code "Third day rapture" is in them. That is why Jesus went to the wedding on the " third day" because the Wedding of the bride is going to take place at that time. Therefore, He has to fulfill His word and all that is in His word in composite form and type.

Man was created at the end of the "Sixth day." Then God rested on the "Seventh".

There is your composite picture. Six days or Six thousand year. Then the Millennium, or the "Seventh day" rest. God has put all these pictures in scripture. If He put them there, then there is an important reason for them being there.

In Exodus 24 it says that the cloud covered the mountain of Mount Sinai for Six days. Then God spoke out of the mist of the cloud on the " Seventh day" and Moses went into the mist of the cloud. Then Moses remained "forty days" on the mountain.

There are many examples in scripture like this. That is why God encoded in His word the word "Rapture" in the "Third day" because it shows the timing of the Rapture which was a "mystery" which the Apostle Paul says "has been hidden in ages past," but he has now made it known to us." This He mentions in 1 Corinthians 15:51.

Paul said "Behold I show you a Mystery" we shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed in a moment in a twinkling of an eye, at the "last trump" here he is describing the rapture. It was a mystery in the Old Testament. are you beginning to understand why the Jewish new year "5769" is so important. It is the end of "two days" and begins the "Third day," and it is also the end of "six thousand years" as well as the beginning of the seventh thousandth year. This September 29, 2008 or Tishri 1, is the end of 6 days and also two days. It is the beginning of the " third day" and the "Seventh day" all at the same time.

This is why this date "5769" is so important. Well I hoped this has Helped you understand a little bit better the importance of Rosh-HaShanah which is Tishri 1, and September 29, 2008. Hold on , because we are about to take the trip of a lifetime.

Please listen to this timely interview about every 28 years cycle and this Passover 2009.
Click below to hear:
7/9/2008Rabbi Neuberger Interview - Bros Sal, Mike, Pete

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Daniel 8:13 “How long THE VISION, concerning that which is continual and the transgression that lays waste, to give both the sanctuary (land) and the host (army) to be trodden under foot?” And he said unto me 2300 days then shall the sanctuary (land) be cleansed.

His Excellency
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George W. Bush

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Daniel 8:13 “How long THE VISION, concerning that which is continual and the transgression that lays waste, to give both the sanctuary (land) and the host (army) to be trodden under foot?” And he said unto me 2300 days then shall the sanctuary (land) be cleansed.

From June 24, 2002 the day of George Bush’s ‘vision’to and including October 9, 2008 is 2300 days. IS IT A DAY the land of Israel can be cleansed?

YES IT IS, IT’S THE ‘DAY OF ATONEMENT’. YESHUA IS THE ONLY ONE who can cleanse the land. He will have had to arrive 10 days earlier on the Feast of Trumpets? I believe the prophecy of Daniel 8:13 proves it!