Saturday, August 23, 2008

Explosive Temple Mount and Prophecy Revelation

"Explosive revelation about the Temple Mount and prophecy"

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On August 15, I forwarded a WorldNetDaily article titled "Is Temple Mount God's time bomb?" The article is at

The article is about an explosive new book, "Temple At The Center Of Time," by David Flynn. It is about Jerusalem and the Temple Mount as a road map to future events – a kind of prophetic landmark whose significance, first discovered by the brilliant Sir Isaac Newton, is only now revealed through the development of satellite imagery. Some of Flynn's discoveries are absolutely mind-boggling, and I consider them earth-shaking. I do not exaggerate when I say they may be among the greatest discoveries of all time.

His studies and conclusions confirm the idea that major end-time events are literally about to unfold in the very, very near future. He also makes a strong case about where the mysterious Ark of the Covenant is at this time. It is not where you might think, and its location was actually recorded many centuries ago. Flynn says the location is exactly 25.20 nautical miles from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The number 2520 is a significant biblical number (7 times 360).

David Flynn provides insights to the present Georgia-Russia conflict and how it relates to Bible prophecy.

I ordered the book and am eagerly looking forward to receiving it. In the meantime, I have discovered two one-hour radio interviews with the author, David Flynn, conducted by author and radio host Steve Quayle, and I have just listened to them. The interviews are utterly fascinating. If you have any interest in Bible prophecy, I urge you to take the time to listen to them. You will be glad you did.

Steve Quayle, certainly no stranger to the unusual, exclaims, "This is beyond wonderful... this is beyond marvelous... I've got to tell you, I sense such an amazing, overwhelming praise welling up inside me... it makes you want to jump up in the air, click your heals, and say, 'Thank you God.'"

The two Tuesday, August 19 interviews are at these links: Hour 1 & Hour 2 . Or use these links:
Hour # 1:
Hour # 2:

David Flynn comes across as an humble, knowledgeable, and believable researcher and servant of God.

I know that two hours in your busy days are a lot, but it may be the most informative two hours you will ever spend.

A brief video presentation on David Flynn's book is at

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