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What is the real story about Israel and the Muslims ?
This video from the Hal Lindsey Report tells the history of modern Israel
and Israel's fight against her enemies that have sworn to cast Israel into the sea !
Is there going to be a PEACE TREATY signed in the near future ? If so...........
You will either find yourself SNATCHED UP into heaven............or............
cast into the worse time on earth that ever was or EVER WILL BE.
Featured Video: July 25th

The Hal Lindsey Report: July 25th

Deal or No Deal?

by Michael G. Mickey

Deal or no deal? What's it going to be?

In the wake of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's surprise announcement that he isn't going to serve in that capacity much longer, those are questions many are curious to see answered concerning Middle East peace, particularly those of us watching world events in light of Bible prophecy.

Haaretz is reporting that Olmert is going to try and get a peace agreement in place before he steps down.

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority, will consider calling off peace negotiations with Jerusalem if Israel and the Palestinians don't succeed in reaching a peace deal by the end of 2008.

The United States, as we see in a Jerusalem Post article, is still hoping to achieve peace by 2009. The article quotes White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe as saying, when asked how Olmert's departure would affect the fragile Israeli-Palestinian peace process, "We will continue to work on a deal before the end of the year."

Public opinion polls indicate that Benjamin Netanyahu, a former Israeli P.M. who has traditionally taken a hard line on making land-for-peace deals with Israel's enemies, is the frontrunner to replace Olmert. Should Bibi return to power in Israel, it will be very interesting to see how Iran's Mahoud Ahmadinejad's rhetoric will be impacted. While Olmert may seem an easy score to the Iranian loony bird, Netanyahu definitely won't. He may well elect to tone his loose tongue down some concerning destroying Israel lest Netanyahu send Ahamadinejad's nuclear dreams up in smoke swiftly, assuming for a moment the decision to do so hasn't already been made by Israel.

All of this is going to make for some very interesting watching in the months ahead.

Deal or no deal? What's it going to be?

The end times drama continues...

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