Monday, September 1, 2008

God Is Taken Care of Business With Apple of His Eye

August 31, 2008

Many times after I make a biblical statement, someone will challenge me & ask how I can be so certain. It really is pretty easy when you know the GOD who spent 1500 years inspiring 40 men to pre-record the scriptures, so that He could communicate to those that He created.And even though all that God promises will come to pass, there is a piviotal subject so near & dear to the heart of God that He has marked that subject off with an extra-ordinary method, so as to get all of our attention. Also consider that more than 98.5% of the scriptures have come to pass exactly as written, & the remainder will come to pass at the proper time. We can trust what He says! But what is this special piviotal subject that God wants us to take notice of and what method does He use to grab our attention? The revealant passage is found in Jeremiah32:37-42. In these 6 verses, 9 times God says, 'I will', and the suject is the replanting of Israel back in her land in the latter days, so that He may bless her throughout all eternity. However the crucial statement is in verse 41where God says He is going to do this with ALL HIS HEART AND SOUL. Whoa! The only place in all scripture where The Almighty uses that phrase. Now if God commits all His heart and soul to establishing Israel in His land, how is the world going to succeed in stealing it away? And what about those who plot to steal it? The challenge is on and there will be may losers. Decide which side you are on because the battle is near. If God promised that land to Ishmael and the Arabs then why didn't they return after 2520 years? If God wanted the U.S. presidents to steal the covenant- promised land, or the U.N. and other world leaders to steal the land then why is that not recorded? I think I will line up on the side of God since He has committed all His heart & soul. Where do you line up?

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Anonymous said...

I know exactly which side I am on and it is on the mighty side of God! AMEN! People had better wake up and repent for the time is drawing near. No one knows the date, time nor hour of the return of Christ. People had better wake up and get right with God. Wonderful post my friend. Blessings