Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Still Watching 2008 - The Odds Off The Chart

Dear friends:

The explosive new book, "Temple at the Center of Time: Newton's Bible Codex Deciphered and the Year 2012," by David Flynn is utterly fascinating.

Nay, revolutionary!

I always knew the Temple Mount in Jerusalem was important, but I never dreamed it was the center of the world, maybe even the universe!

David Flynn builds on the ideas of Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727). Newton was perhaps the greatest genius, with the highest I.Q., in all history. He is called "the father of modern science" and "the father of the industrial revolution." He discovered many scientific laws. God chose Isaac Newton to impart many of His deepest secrets. Newton was also a Bible scholar who was fluent in biblical Hebrew and Greek. He began studying the prophetic book of Daniel at age 12 and continued until he died at age 84.

Flynn has something from modern technology that Isaac Newton did not have -- satellite images of the earth, where distances between points can be easily calculated with great precision. From this, he has discovered that the dates of many historical events are exactly equal to the distance from the Temple Mount to the key geographical location of that event. For examples:

1441 B.C. when the Exodus from Egypt occurred. There are 1,441,000 feet from the Temple Mount to the Great Pyramid in Giza.

587 B.C.
Jerusalem destroyed by Babylon. There are 587 statute miles from the Temple Mount to the city of Nippur in Babylon, where Jews were living along the Chebar canal who heard Ezekiel’s prophecy of the event.

539 B.C. Babylon falls to Persia. There are exactly 539 statute miles from the Temple Mount to Babylon.

A.D. 1799. Napoleon made a proclamation of historical importance to the Jewish nation in the year 1799. Not coincidentally, the distance from Paris to the Temple Mount in nautical miles is exactly 1,799.

A.D. 1948.
Britain withdraws as the nation of Israel declared. A measuring line from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem to the exact center of ancient London produces 1,948.40 nautical miles.

Another interesting date anomaly: There are 666 miles from the Temple Mount to Mecca in Saudi Arabia, the center of Islam, the antithesis of biblical faith.

A.D. 2009 and 2012. While his book doesn’t really address this, in his two radio interviews linked below, David Flynn expresses the view that his many findings, including that of astronomy, support the idea that the antichrist will be revealed on July 11, 2009, and the assassination of the two witnesses of Revelation will be on December 21, 2012, which he says would be the middle of the Tribulation. For the antichrist to be revealed in July 2009, he admits that important things must happen before then. That could mean the rapture and/or the beginning of the Tribulation -- maybe this year.

Friend John Tng of Singapore, host of the Five Doves Web site, made the following statement on 9-11-08:
“I believe 2008 is the year of the rapture. In addition to Psalm 108 written by Pastor Riley today (at http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/sep2008/fmriley911-1.htm), I have found compelling evidence in six other chapters of the Bible -- Numbers 33, Proverbs 22, Ezekiel 17, Daniel 2, Romans 6 and 2 Thessalonians 1. The one thing that unifies these six chapters is that they are the 2008th chapters of the Bible counted according to six different ordering schemes. The OT chapters contain intriguing hidden rapture clues while the two NT chapters are much more explicit (Romans 6:4,5, 9, 13) or even direct (2 Thessalonians 1:7, 10, 12), with regards to the rapture.

”The antichrist in clearly in view in the six 2009th chapters suggesting that he will be revealed in 2009. These six chapters are Numbers 34, Proverbs 23, Ezekiel 18, Daniel 3, Romans 7 and 2 Thessalonians 2 (the antichrist chapter; also the golden chapter!).”
I should add that the 2012 mid-trib date is compatible with Pastor Mark Biltz's discovery of the rare eclipses in 2014 and 2015. See http://www.prophecyinthenews.com/articledetail.asp?Article_ID=223.

The two fascinating one-hour radio interviews with David Flynn by Steve Quayle are at these links:
Hour # 1: http://stevequayle.com/qf_august_19_2008_hour_1.mp3
Hour # 2: http://stevequayle.com/qf_august_19_2008_hour_2.mp3

Keep your lamps full of oil. The Bridegroom is coming.

What are the odds?

Dear Doves, I have been studying end times Bible Prophecy for about 11 years. About 6 years ago I arrived at the conclusion that 2008 was the most likely year for the Rapture and that Rosh Hashanah was the probable time of this awesome event. During this time I became the Pastor of a small church with about 50 people. I had been serving as an Elder there for 10 years and now I have been their Pastor for the last 4.

Our church will be gathering for the Feast of Trumpets at sundown on September 29th. We will be having a Joint service with a Messianic Jewish group that meets at our church on Saturdays. We will have 4 shofars sounding at the same time; this will probably be enough to awake the dead! My wife and I, our three children and seven grandchildren, along with Grandma, three brothers, and some close friends will be gathering at our home for the two days of Rosh Hashanah, September 29th, 30th, and the 1st of October. I have been waiting for this time and season for 6 years.

I wanted to tell all of you wonderful people at the Five Dove’s site, and you in particular John that you have been a great source of wisdom and inspiration to me these last few months. I pray that you are all found worthy to wear the crown of Righteousness laid up for those loving his appearing. There are no words to describe what we are about to experience. We cannot even began to grasp the profound implications of the things we are about to see, hear, and feel. We are about to be changed, and what a glorious change it will be.

I have told my congregation that this Feast of Trumpets will very likely be the Rapture. I have stuck my neck out all the way because I am the watchman and I don’t want to be at fault for anyone left behind. Here are the reasons I believe that we have come to the day of our blessed hope. The odds I give here are really very conservative.

The 6000 years from creation with a 1000 year (millennial) day of rest lines-up.

{1 chance in 7} out of seven millennia this is the one.

The Generation that sees the Fig Tree Israel come back to life, lines-up.

{1 chance in 25} out of 25 generations of 80 years each, this is the one.

The sixty to seventy year generation lines-up.

{1 chance in 60} of the sixty years Israel has been a nation this is the one.

Daniel’s Sabbatical Week of year’s lines-up.

{1 chance in 7} of the seven year span this is the end and start of a new cycle.

The 4 lunar eclipses occurring on the feast days, line-up.

{1 chance in 200} 3 in 600 years. this year is seven years prior to the next.

The quakes, famines, storms, pestilences, wars, and persecutions all line-up.

{1 to 1 chance} these events have always happened but not at the same time.

The perilous times of terror, and increasing birth pains all line-up.

{1 to 1 chance} they have occurred before and are definitely happening now.

Israel being surrounded by her mortal enemies, lines-up.

{1 chance in 4} odds are likely much higher but Israel has 4 bordering nations.

The military alliance between Gog (Southern Russia) and Persia (Iran) lines-up.

{1 chance in 100} this alliance is against Israel as prophesied by Ezekiel.

The coming “Peace Treaty” dividing the land of Israel lines-up.

{1 chance in 100} What are the odds that all nations of the world divide Israel?

The 2550 days between Rosh Hashanah and the Day of Atonement line-up.

{1 chance in 4} this happens approximately once every 4 to 6 years.

The Jubilee year 7 years away, lines-up.

{1 chance in 49} if 1917 and 1967 are Jubilee years then the next is 2016.

The 2000 years (2 days) from Jesus first coming lines-up.

{1 chance in 7} fulfills prophecy that on the 3rd day we will be in his presence.

As in the days of Sodom, the promotion of homosexuality lines-up.

{1 to 1} in the 1970’s this was a mental illness, it’s now taught in grade school.

The days of Noah with violence and wickedness everywhere lines-up.

{1 to 1} crime and violence is at epidemic proportions world wide.

The apostate, Laodicean church lines-up.

{1 chance in 7} The church has more false teaching than ever before.

The millions of people watching for the thief in the night lines-up.

{1 to 1} the word says the wise virgins will be watching when he comes.

The Gospel will be preached to every nation lines-up.

{1 chance in 189} the 189 nations all have TV and Radio spreading the Gospel.

The Odds of all these things happening at the same time:

(1 chance in 1,060,000,000,000,000,000) that is 1 chance in 1.06 Quadrillion.

Add to this the fact that Rosh Hashanah is when the last trumpet is blown and a day known only to GOD, because isn’t one day but two, and you should be about 99.99% sure that this is really it. When you see all these things line-up, look-up, for your redemption is at the door! Oliver Thomas



C. Rodgers said...

Excellent post and right on the mark. Keep them coming please.


RaptureWatch Webmaster

J David Pitcher, MD said...

You may be interested in a pre-publication book at www.blurb.com on the most important verse on the rapture, 2 Timothy 2:8-26 called "The Seal of the King." The rapture will substantiate the resurrection of Jesus to God's elect, the Jews. In this book, a plan to give the Jews our assets, including the assets of the churches is brought forth out of the enthymeme, the maxim, the paradign, and the metonymy (the 4 components of rhetoric) that Paul sets up as well as the Hebraic chiasm. The Jews will not receive the man of lawlessness as the Christ and will be the only group of people who will know Scripture enough to continue to bring salvation to the world. Could it be that the first Day of Atonement after the rapture is the one that is fulfilled when they accept Jesus as Messiah early in the Tribulation period and not late? The book is a bit pricey in its' pre-publication form, but outlines 45 sections of Scripture that give us guidance about the rapture based on the enthymeme set up in 2 Timothy. Dave Pitcher