Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bible Driven or Convenience Driven

It is important to remember and for many to realize that the CHURCH is
not a beautiful stack of bricks we go to once a week, but the CHURCH is the called OUT ones that
they themselves are the BODY OF CHRIST....fitly joined together as the temple of God.
Where is the CHURCH? It is where ever you find two or more of those saved ones gathered together.
We are all equal, but different parts of the Body of Christ...serving and edifying one another
and reaching out to the world with the TRUE GOSPEL of God ..... not just because we are
commanded to, but because we are thankful for what God ACCOMPLISHED AND FINISHED
on the cross for us. How do most search for a place to worship God. To most it is simply out of
convenience or what their family said they should do. BUT, THE FIRST PRIORITY SHOULD
BE IS IT..... A BIBLE TEACHING PLACE TO WORSHIP. Are the sheep being fed with the Word of God or just traditions of men? Something well worth pondering! Listen to this great sermonon this topic. God Bless,
Your Brother Mark

race to You - John MacArthur
Tuesday, December 02, 2008
Series: The Bible-Driven Church
The Shepherd's Responsibility
Politicians, pop singers, professors . . . and even pastors . . . it seems everyone these days wants to be known as relevant. Well, what about that last group - what should pastors be doing to be relevant today? Consider that, today on Grace to You with John MacArthur.

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Motivational Scriptures said...

Brother Mark,

That was an excellent thought you shared there!

Indeed, we ought to be more concerned about belonging to a Bible believing church than we should be concerned with finding a comfortable place to sit once a week...

People may be content with the idea of looking for that which appeals to the carnal nature; but in the end they will surely give an answer for everything that they didn't do but should have done; and the consequences, of course, will not be comfortable as God does not reward the disobedient, but only the faithful!

Blessings to you...
Chris Esty
The Bible Post