Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Who Is The Real God ?

Who is the real God?

Around the country, indeed, the world, each culture or subculture wants to define its god. We are no different. So do we. If we claim a god and then proclaim his worth or authenticity we soon learn that we have to be prepared for those who disagree. In America, we have a great advantage over many other places in the world in that we are not inhibited in what we can read. We have the inalienable right to read or write or speak about any god anywhere. So, thanks to our forefathers we have as a prevalent god, the God of the Holy Bible.

The God who caused the Bible to be written was, at once, factual in all He spoke; clear in all His requirements; perfect in all His judgments; serious in all His promises. People who choose not to believe the Holy Bible can, of course, do so. But soon they see that there is really no other hope or promise which has any lasting merit. Soon it is evident that all other gods are dead gods with no resurrection power, no promise of eternal life which has a proof, and no interventionpower without trickery.

The Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Son of Almighty God in the Bible, came to this earth, being born of a virgin, in order to live a life in flesh(like man), and to do so without breaking any of the commandments written down by God, the Father. He did this to show the righteousness of God was perfect for us. But mankind, in an attempt to justify themselves, rejected the Son and killed him. But God, who wrote the rules, could not leave Him in the grave because He had committed no sin, no transgression of God’s law. So the Son, Christ Jesus, was raised from the dead the third day after He had died. No god ever did a thing like that. Over 500 people saw Him alive after seeing Him die.

In order for we who are sinful man to have eternal life, the Son then sent His gospel into the world which says, “Christ died for our sins, was buried, and was raised again for our justification; believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.”--(Rom. 4:24, 25 & Acts 16:31 parts of both). He then goes on to assure us that His sacrifice was sufficient for all our sins--Col. 2:13 & Eph.1:7--and that all that is left for us to do is trust Him--Eph.1:12-14 and we’re His forever--eternal life, a gift of God--Rom.6:23.

Jerry Lockhart
Berean Bible Church
888 Landa St.
New Braunfels, Tx. 78130

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