Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Study...Or Be Left Behind

I was one of the 60 million people who read all the "Left Behind" books.
It prompted me to seriously study both sides (should I say all sides) of the question
about is there a rapture and when is it. I was a teacher for 31 years. I have a Master's
degree. I have read more studying the Rapture and issues related to it in Scriptures......
TWICE...... what it took for two college degrees.

Unfortunately, most who attend a religious church, are not studying their
Bibles like the Lord told us to do. It plainly says in Scripture "study" to show they self
approved. We are to rightly divide the WORD OF TRUTH. Eph. 1:13. Sadly, most RELIGIOUS people are just as secular in their thinking as the lady giving this interview.

Jerry Jenkins & Tim LaHaye interviewed by some crazy left wing lady.

She mocks the Rapture and believers of such an idea

She does mention how many Left Behind titles have sold, which should be worth noting to Rapture watchers. The Christian community at large among other readers have had ample warning and education. As I've written previously Left Behind the Movie was released February 2nd 2001 before 9-11. I think God was trying to say something - Don't you???

And, she is wrong........... Obama is plenty popular. THE MOST SO IN ALONG TIME.

Here's the link to the interview:


Your Brother Mark

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