Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Read it - Shocked By The Bible


An internet friend sent me this article recently posted at WorldNetDaily:

"Sensational new book, 'Shocked by the Bible' by WND executive news editor Joe Kovacs blows the lid off 'holy baloney.'

Is it possible that virtually everything you think you know about the Bible is simply not biblical?For instance, are you aware "Three Wise Men" appear nowhere in the story of Jesus' birth, and none are ever mentioned visiting baby Jesus in a Bethlehem manger? It's true, despite what you've seen on countless Christmas cards and in recent movies such as "The Nativity Story."And did you know Jesus did not come to make everyone understand His message?Forget the "holy baloney" you've wrongly heard all your life. It's time to put away the fables and get back to the facts.

It doesn't matter if you love the Bible, go to church or believe in God. Get ready for the biggest surprises of your life. It's time to get "Shocked by the Bible: The Most Astonishing Facts You've Never Been Told." WND executive news editor Joe Kovacs has focused his journalism skills on the greatest book of all time – the Holy Bible – and has unearthed hundreds of stunning pieces of information.

This well-researched work, published in hardcover by Thomas Nelson, shatters scores of misconceptions while answering relevant questions regardless of anyone's faith or personal outlook. And even before its official release, the book has skyrocketed to the No. 1 position in three categories on Bible, Concordances and Commentaries.

"It's not about religion," says Kovacs. "It's about the Bible. What's in it, and what's not. You'll truly be stunned when you see for yourself what Scripture has to say, without anyone telling you it doesn't mean what it says. You may even find that what you thought was in the Bible is the exact opposite of what it really states.""Shocked by the Bible" is jam-packed with fantastic facts few have ever dared to publish for general audiences.
Kovacs holds nothing back as he purposefully avoids the psychobabble of boring theologians and instead quotes directly from the Bible itself, addressing incredible issues of which many people are simply unaware.

Did you know ...
The Bible does not say Jesus died on a Friday, or rose from the grave Sunday morning There were not just two of every kind of animal aboard Noah's Ark
The word "Easter" has vanished from today's Bibles
The practice of decorating a tree with silver and gold is actually condemned by God
God wanted to kill Moses
Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were not Jews
The Bible talks about "gay" sex with angels. Yes, you read that right.
These comprise just a small fraction of the issues Kovacs explores in
"Shocked by the Bible." It will even make you burst out in laughter as it probes subjects you'll rarely, if ever, hear in church or on TV and radio shows.

There's a character in the Bible called a "dumb ass"
Underwear didn't disintegrate despite 40 years of heavy use
The worst case of hemorrhoids in history is recorded

"For hundreds of years, people have been brainwashed by myths and misconceptions," says Kovacs. "I want to shine the light of truth on Scripture, and show you with your own eyes the amazing facts you've never seen or heard before."

There's something else the Bible says that people don't seem to notice; and I'd bet my life that there's nothing about it in Kovac's book! Paul tells us, the body of Christ, to: "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." (2 Tim. 2:15). Simply reading the Bible, which far too few Christians take the time to do, would yield the information in "Shocked by the Bible." But studying the Bible, while recognizing the need to rightly divide it, will yield its most important truths about how to be saved today, and how people were saved in times past and will be saved in the ages to come. (Each are different!)

The fact is, that the Lord Jesus Christ wasn't talking to us Gentiles when he came to earth that first time. Everything recorded in the four gospels - Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John - is about and to ISRAEL! There was a plan for Gentile salvation back then, but it was through ISRAEL! People looking for the answer of "how to be saved," who mix together what the Lord told Israel with what the ascended Lord told Paul, are certain to be confused and disoriented. Worse yet, they are in danger of not being saved at all!

Salvation today can only be found in an understanding of Paul's gospel, a vital component of the "mystery" that had been hid in God since before the world even began. (Eph. 3:9). The risen, ascended Christ teaches us through Paul (Romans - Philemon) that his death on the cross, his burial, and his resurrection now reconcile the entire world - Gentile and Jew - to God, who is not imputing trespasses to us any longer. The Lord Jesus Christ paid for them in full. Those who trust in Christ and in the fact that he did it all for us in our place will spend eternity with him in heaven. Those who reject Christ and his sacrifice will not. Those who say they trust Christ but believe effort is required on their part to stay "saved," including asking God, every time they sin, for a forgiveness he's already given, believing that salvation is forfeited if they themselves are unfaithful, or fearing that committing a grave sin will turn God's love away from them, are trusting Israel's kingdom gospel and not the gospel of grace given to the world through Paul. (Thin ice, indeed.)

Bible commentaries and books that declare this vital subject don't make the New York Times best seller list or Oprah's Book Club. Books that tickle the "ears" of their readers with "fun facts" do. When the door of hell slams shut behind someone who was never really presented with the terms of salvation in this age of grace, they won't be remembering little gems of knowledge about various subjects. There will, instead, be endless suffering while they wonder, "Why didn't anyone ever tell me? And, if they did, why didn't I listen?"

Save someone from hell today - tell them Paul's gospel, that Christ died for sin, was buried, and rose again for the believer's complete justification. (1 Cor. 15:1-4). It's that simple. Then, what the heck, buy Joe Kovac's book and lend it to me! Sounds fascinating.

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