Friday, July 31, 2009

Extending the HAND OF FELLOWSHIP in Body of Christ

I'm finding, as I grow in Christ and knowledge, the more I know, the more I know I don't know.

The most important thing for man is to TRUST completely In Christ for His finished work on the cross, that we might be saved. Before we can come to that saving knowledge, WE JUST AREN'T ALL THERE !
The moment we believe Him and trust in Him for our salvation, He saves us by quickening our spirit to be ALIVE, when moments before that we were DEAD IN ADAM. We are placed in Christ and made alive spiritually by the Holy Spirit and then the Holy Spirit begins to teach us all things.....Not all at once, but here a little,
there a little, line upon line from the Word of Truth.

Now that we are saved and in Christ, we must realize people have come out of different situations and are presently in very different environments that can effect their growing in grace and knowledge. The Corinthians showed us that even if one is saved and in the Body of Christ, if one allows himself to be consumed with the carnal, worldly things, we can stifle our growth spiritually, and never get out of the "milk" stage of nourishment.

When we delve onto Romans 14: , we can see God has accepted more then we tend to do as humans. In this chapter it shows that those who place themselves under the law and don't yet see the grace they are really under, are WEAK brothers and sisters in the faith. They will grow by the help of the Holy Spirit.
I know, because I was one of them. The key is to stay in the Word and out of carnality.

As we grow, we must accept with the hand of FELLOWSHIP our weaker brothers and sisters. Many may have not yet grown out of some eschatology area that really has nothing to do with salvation like their view of when the rapture happens or their view of hell, etc. The Gospel and being in the Body of Christ is the important
FIRST THING. Too many times some so called leader in a so called group gets their EGO tramped on because some weaker brother or sister dared to expose they do not believe ALL ESCHATOLOGY AREAS THE SAME.
What happens, ....the so called leader gets mad and says get out of MY SITE.

I see it, as long as we consider our brother better then our selves, and our not divisive, we can disagree on points that are outside of our salvation, like end times eschatology, and continue to grow in grace and knowledge together. We should always extend THE HAND OF FELLOWSHIP to our brothers and sisters in Christ. They may not accept it, But Christ will take care of that at the Beama judgment seat. I believe, part of building on the foundation of the Gospel is how we treat our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Romans 2:16
16 In the day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to my gospel.

Jesus will check out how we have built on the Gospel that Paul gave us that Paul received from
Christ. Reaching out to our brothers and sisters with a ten foot stick will not make it through the fire at the judgment seat.

God Bless,
Your brother,

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