Friday, August 7, 2009

Dispensation Not Covenant Theology

A dear old friend in blogging is currently writing on the so called
merits of Covenant theology over Dispensations in Scripture. I guess he dose not
yet know God works differently with men in different times when God chooses to do so.
I hope he is not walking around in public NAKED AS A "J" BIRD now a days, we have a different
way of doing things . You can go over to and do a little searching
and find out who is writing on this topic, sadly in ignorance of the truth on this particular issue. There is a link there that is to a site that is writing the article.

Check out the truth on the topic here: = covenant thelogy = dispensationalism


Vicki said...

I see that you have referenced my blog, in this post. What in particular are you suggesting that people search for on my blog? And what link are you referring to? When you said, "...writing on this topic, sadly in ignorance of the truth on this particular issue.," were you meaning me or someone on the link?

Brother Mark said...

I caused my friend Vicki a little
confusion and I am very sorry.
I love her wonderful blog and just
thought by referencing to the blog that was currently writing on Cov theology, and shows up as linked whenever a new piece comes up,
that it would also give Vicki some
exposure. Sure did not mean to bring
any negative anything directed towards her fine blog.

Again, sorry for any confusion Vicki or to others.
Your brother Mark

Vicki said...

Thank you for the clarification and also for directing people to my blog. I understand now what you were referencing and why you phrased your comments as you did.

There are several links to blogs listed at the bottom right of my page that update as new material is posted. I do not always agree with some of the viewpoints, but I like to know about different currents of thinking in the Church.

Thank you again,