Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Gospil of God - Which Is It ?

The Gospel of God VS those of traditions of men:

Decide For Yourself Which Version of the Gospel is Good News.

Gospel 1

One gospel teaches that before the foundation of the world, God predetermined to save a tiny remnant (known as the elect) while he predetermined to burn the rest in a lake of fire forever. This theology says God loves the elect, hates the rest of humanity, and created the lake of fire especially for them. I also might add, this gospel teaches Christ's sacrifice on Calvary was only for this special class of people known as the elect, and they will all be saved, but everyone else is going to need 10 billion power sunblock where they're going. No matter how nice they make this gospel sound, this is what they essentially believe. Some in this belief system do not even try to make it sound nice.

Gospel 2

Another gospel believed by most Christians teach that God loves all, Christ died for all, however, there's a catch! God gave us this thing called a free will that even He can't overcome. It's so strong that even though God loves you, and Christ died for you, and wants very much to save you, your free will can cancel out God's will. So, if you want to be lost Jesus can't help you, because your free will determines your fate, and that's how God wants it. He knew before creation many would be foolish and use their free will to reject Him, and because of their stubbornness they will spend eternity in the lake of fire. God however did not send them there, as they sent themselves there by their foolish choices. God has nothing to do with their fate, even though he prepared the lake of fire before the foundation of the world, and created them in His foreknowledge that they would be foolish and reject Christ and ultimately be eternally lost. This gospel says that though its Gods will all be saved, many times his will is defeated by man's will or by Satan. Tragically, many will be eternally lost and Christ's death was in vain for them, yet they say the God they serve is all powerful! Many in this belief system believe in eternal security, but there's a catch! They say that most professing to be Christians have never really been saved, and are phonies. Many who believe this free will gospel say salvation is conditional, and once you are saved there are a number of ways you can lose your salvation, however they may disagree about what it takes to lose your salvation. Some may teach an almost sinless perfection or you'll lose out. Some say you must remain faithful to the end or lose out, but they all agree that most of mankind will be lost forever. This free will gospel has one thing in common with the first gospel I spoke of, in that both camps teach most people will fry in the fire forever. They just have different ways of arriving at that conclusion. As far as the fate of the heathen is concerned, gospel 1 says that they weren't among the elect. Gospel 2 says, "What a tragedy that they never heard the gospel and died eternally lost. If only we would have had the money to send missionaries to preach to them.".

Gospel 3

Finally, there is a third version of the gospel most have never heard of. God loves all, Christ died for all, and it's Gods will that all be saved, and even though we have the ability to make choices (John 3:16 1 john 2:2 1 Tim 2:2-6) God has not placed our will above His Eph 1:11. He is all powerful and we are not! His will is supreme, not ours. All our stupid choices and self destructive behavior can't negate his love for us, and they most certainly can't overcome his will to save us. God's word says, ALL of his desire will be accomplished, including his desire to save us. Isa 46:11. However, all will not be saved in this age, and for those who are not, they will be resurrected and judged according to their works. Matt 7:13,14 Rev 20:13. This is not going to be fun and games, but its not going to last forever either;because at the consummation, at the end of the ages, everyone who has ever lived will be reconciled to God (including those family members and friends) you thought were going to spend eternity in the lake of fire. Eph 1:10 Col 1:20. So, your separation from them will not last forever, and death is going to be abolished never to plague us again. Rom 8:19 -21 1Cor 15:26 Sound too good to be true? Actually there is much biblical support for this gospel, but most do not realize it. I encourage you to investigate this matter. Look into all three of these versions of the gospel, and then decide for yourself which one is good news! Gospel 1 is commonly called Calvinism. Gospel 2 is called Arminianism or free will theology. Gospel 3 is called Universal Salvation or Universal Reconciliation.

Written by: Roscoe

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Shadowhawk said...

I’m now sure that it’s a good idea to say that something that’s written in scripture really isn’t there. I’m not nor have I ever been a Calvinist, however Romans 8: 29 is still in my Bible. So what if it means what it says, that those that are the Body of Christ and always will be the Body of Christ were predestinated to be just that. And the rest that will be save (everyone else) will be saints and children of God. Maybe there’s a four Gospel. But whichever Gospel you believe in better lineup with the one that Paul preached because according to him if you preach anything else you should be cursed, and who want that? Shadowhawk