Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mysterys of God Revealed at Right Time

As a mystery is not merely a revelation, but the revelation
of something which had been {concealed} (otherwise it would not be
a mystery), we conclude:

Axiom I. {Each of God's secrets was unknown until the time
when it was revealed}.

The second is but a corollary:

Axiom II. {It must be forced into previous revelations given
at a time when God was hiding it}.

Foolishly simple as these axioms appear, their importance
cannot be over-rated and their neglect has brought the subject
into confusion and contempt. It is just such simple axioms as
these that form the ascent to the portals of the Divine Mysteries.

We will always need to bear in mind the time when each secret
was revealed.
A. E. Knoch

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