Sunday, April 24, 2011

The MYth of EASTER....

The Herald of His Grace

The Origin of Easter
Th e English name for Easter shows unmistakable
traces of heathenism. Th e name “Easter,”
which is the slightly changed English spelling
of the name of the ancient Assyrian and
Babylonian goddess Ishtar, comes to us from
the old Teutonic mythology where it is known as
Ostera or Eostre. The Phoenician name of this goddess
is Astarte (Ashtoreth), consort of Baal, whose
worship is denounced by Jehovah in the Scriptures
as the most abominable of all pagan idolatry.
Th e English Historian, the Venerable Bede (672-
735), is our only source regarding the use of the
word Easter. He wrote that in Britain the feast
was named Easter aft er the Anglo-Saxon goddess
of spring, Eostre, whose festival was celebrated at
the Vernal Equinox. According to legend, Eostre
opened the gates of Valhalla to Balder, the murdered
Sun god who had brought light to mankind.
Although Easter is a religious holiday, we still follow
customs that go back to an ancient festival
that was at this time of year long before Christianity.
2. Robert J. Myers, Celebra􀆟 ons: the Complete Book of American
Holidays (Doubleday & Co., 1972), pp. 103.
3. Bernice Burne􀆩 , Greeks and Romans, (Franklin Wa􀆩 s, Inc.,
1955), p.16.
There are many myths in Christendom.
They have managed to master their
own form of mythology. Easter is an
example of such a religious fable.
If Easter is the celebration of the historical fact
of our Lord Jesus Christ’s resurrection, then
why does its date change every year? Historical
dates do not fl uctuate; but Easter Sunday can fall
anywhere between March 22 and April 25. Have you
ever wondered why?1
It is one of the glaring clues that something is seriously
wrong with Christendom. Th e Western Christian
religion can’t seem to get anything right when it
comes to even the simplest of Scripture truths.
Have you ever really considered if there is any scriptural
basis for Good Friday or Easter Sunrise Services
that are so commonly observed by the religious
community? Additionally, have you ever considered
what Easter Rabbits and Easter Eggs have to do with
the resurrection of Christ or the teachings of God’s
Although millions of people are of the opinion that
Easter and all of its customs are Christian and originated
as a result of Christ’s resurrection, it is a historical
fact that the observance of Easter long antedates
Christianity by centuries.
1. This work is based in part on an edited and revised reprint of The
Truth About Easter, in the Bible Student’s Notebook #7 (1991).
Presenting every man perfect in Christ Jesus. Colossians 1:28
The Myth of Easter - The “Christian

Mythology” Series ......................................2641

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