Monday, May 23, 2011

Is Man More Righteous and Loving Then God?

Is man more righteous then God ?
What would you think of a man who burned his child in a microwave oven
for just three minutes and killed his child. What kind of maniac would you call
such a monster.

Rob bell is right, not orthodoxy in religion that says God desires to fry most of mankind
because they do not accept his kind of love for them. That being if you do not love Him back
it's hell city for eternity to be suffering without end.

Get the truth in the two pieces below:

My first ministry work in Arizona. I hope it is helpful.
Daniel Sheridan10:27am May 23
What is Hell? | Cross and Throne
What is hell; Sheol; Biased Translators; Playing fast and loose with God’s Word by Orthodox teachers; Solomon denies orthodox hell; King David denies orthodox hell; Hosea denies orthodox hell; The historical usage of the English word “Hell”; Orthodoxy has committed the serious offense of changing th

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