Sunday, December 11, 2011

True Grace of God For ALL

by — Frank Neil Pohorlak (1907-1988) By the grace of God I am what I am (I Corinthians 15:10).
God is acting through His Son to bring all to Himself. Scripture tells us that there is one Mediator of God and man, a Man, Christ Jesus, Who is giving Himself a correspondent Ransom for all (I Timothy 2:5-6). Redemption is human, ransom is di- vine. Redemption is for believers during the eons, ransom is for all at the conclusion of the eons.
He gave a Ransom which corresponds with what had to be brought back to God, namely, all. When God gets through working through His Son, there will not be a single individual ever estranged from Him who will not have been won to Him by His love. When all are subjected to the Son, Who is the Sav- ior of the world, the Son will abdicate in favor of the Father, that God may be “All in all.” The Son Himself will be subject to Him, as will all others in His vast universe. In the beginning He was All in Himself. At the consummation He will be “All in all.” This shall be made possible through the obedience of the One Who met all of the demands that love made of Him, the Son, Emmanuel.
The one God is made visible to men in Jesus Christ. God’s secret is Christ, in Whom all of the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are concealed (Colossians 2:2-3). In Him dwells all the fullness of the Deity bodily (:9).
God is One, and all is out of Him, including the Son. Do not reason about it. When God says He is One, He does not mean He is also two or three. One God
means one God. To postulate more than one De- ity creates conflict. Modern Protestantism has spawned this senseless struggle. It does not believe in one God, but in a number of Gods. Away with such a travesty of the truth! May we be delivered from such God-belittling and Christ-dishonoring teaching. Its alleged facts
have no foundation in His inspired Originals.
As art is the giving of outward expression to an in- ward impression, that is, the use of things to give vis- ible form to ideas, so does the Invisible become flesh and thus make Himself visible in His secret, Christ, in Whom all is concealed. Thus God is with us – Em- manuel – Whose name is Jesus (Matthew 1:21, 23).
Soil is but the robe of the Spirit, as iron filings make visible the otherwise unseen lines of force of a mag- net. In Christ the inaudible God became the Word; in Christ the invisible God became the visible Lord, Emmanuel.
He was made a sin offering for us (II Corinthians 5:21), taking our sins to the accursed tree (I Peter 2:24). In Him God was with us. In Christ, we are with God. Thanks be to Him for His indescribable gratuity.

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