Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Is the Lord Coming Soon?

I feel the one bet to bet on is that man is playing with fire.....World WAR 3 could happen any day!
If the Lord does not intervene then......There would be no flesh left alive to save.

This is a great comment on "The Coming of The Lord"  Could it be very soon.....?
Based on the world condition right now and the armies surrounding Jerusalem and Iran right,
The Time of Jacob's trouble could be any day now.....That would leave seven years or so His Second Advent......The Body of Christ could appear in Glory with Christ Jesus before this time and it also could be any day......Just look at the world conditions in the time we are living and ......PRAY !

Is The Lord Coming Soon?

Predictions of the Lord’s coming have all been a failure. Why? Failure to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Let’s examine this question.
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