Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Knowing and Growing In Grace... A Life Long Journey

I started blogging about God and His Word in 2008, after I could find no one around me who wanted to discuss things like God and His Word. By going back in time in my blog posts you can actually see how I knew, and have grown on this subject. You can read some things back in 2008 that I no longer believe. I would like to ask you, if you come across this site, to go on over to my latest blog.
This is what I have learned since 2008. I now use this to introduce people
To my latest understanding in my life long journey of knowing and growing.
It is a wonderful thing to grow in grace and knowledge. Come on over and join me...
I have joyfully discussed God and His Word with about 50,000 people around the world
With my blogs, and I have made many wonderful friends in Christ Jesus. If you are saved and a BELIVER, don't worry. Just keep seeking truth in His Word and proving all things with it. Keep on growing in grace and knowledge. Christ will sort out and remove all false things we believe and replace it with His Truth at the Beama. See ya there in Glory. Amen
In Christ Jesus
Your brother Mark

Come to
Knowing and

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