Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Armour of God....Don't Go Without It

The Christians Spiritual Armour Prayer

In the Name Of the Lord Jesus Christ, I claim the protection of the Belt Of Truth around my waist. I pray the protection of the Belt Of Truth over my personal life, My home and My Family and Gods Ministry for my life. I use the belt of truth directly against Satan and his kingdom of darkness, I ask the Holy Spirit to Protect me from Believing Satan's Lies.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I put on the BreastPlate Of Righteousness. I hold up the righteous life of the Lord Jesus Christ to defeat Satan and his Kingdom. I affirm that my Victory is won and lived out by Saviour in Whom I Live.

I take the Shoes of Peace in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by faith I shall walk in them this Day. I affirm that I am Justified and that I have Peace with GOD through the Lord Jesus Christ, who is my Peace. Teach me to wait in Your Presence until the Inner Peace of GOD. Which Transcends human Understanding Replaces My Anxiety.

Heavenly Father, I take the by Faith the Protection of the Shield Of Faith, I count upon Your Holy Presence to Surround me, Offering total protection from all of Satan's Flaming Arrows. Grant me the Grace to accept Your Refining Purpose in allowing any of Satan's Arrows to pass through the Shield and to even thank You for it. Help me to Concentrate upon Your Presence and not the Enemy's Arrows.

In the Name of The Lord Jesus Christ. I claim the protection of the Holy Angles to guard and shield me from the assaults of Satan's Kingdom. May these ministering Angles be present to interfere with the Strategy of Satan to harm me and my Family. I appropriate the Victory of the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and hold it against the advances of the Evil One. With Gratitude and Praise in The Name Of The Jesus Christ I Rejoice In Your Victory.

Heavenly Father, I take by Faith The Helmet Of Salvation,in the person of Your Son, The Lord Jesus Christ. I cover my MIND WITH HIM. I desire that He put His Mind within ME, Let my thoughts be His Thoughts. I open my Mind fully and Only to the Control of the Lord Jesus Christ. I Reject every Projected thought of Satan and His Demons and Request instead the Mind of the Lord Jesus Christ. Grant to me the Wisdom to Discern thoughts that are from the World and Satan's Kingdom. I Praise You Heavenly Father, That I may Know the Mind of Christ as I hide Your Word within My Heart and Mind.

In the Name Of The Lord Jesus Christ, I lay hold Of The Sword Of The Spirit. The Word Of GOD. I Embrace Its Inerrant Message Of Truth and Power. In the Name Of The Lord Jesus Christ and by the Ministry of the Holy Spirit, Grant to me the Wisdom to always apply the Word against The Enemy. May I use the Word Of GOD to Defeat Satan and to advance the Cause of Christ into the Realm Satan CLAIMS.

Heavenly Father, I choose to see Myself as You see me in the Person of Your Son, The Lord Jesus Christ, Invincibly Strong and able to do all that is in Your Will for me to do. Help me to see that in My Union with Christ I am more Than Conqueror. Cleanse me in My Saviour's Blood. I take back from Satan all the ground I have Given Him by my Sin and Transgressions. On the Authority of the Cross, I Resist the Devil and His Kingdom, Steadfast in the Faith. I Command Satan and His Demons to Leave Me and to go Where The LORD JESUS SENDS THEM.


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Anonymous said...

Amen! The whole armour of God! What a beautiful writing my friend! We must prepare ourselves for battle everyday!! To God be the Glory!! AMEN! God bless...