Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pastor Biltz Says On To Professing Christians To Wake Up and Watch

For the second time this month Pastor Mark Biltz appeared on, Tues. 24th,
with a great discussion about ESCHATOLOGY "study of last things". He made it plain
that he does not have a position on the Rapture, but times are such that he is trying
to wake up millions of professed Christians to WAKE UP AND WATCH the times we are
living in. He said it's not about Pre-Trib, Mid-Trib, or Post-Trib, as God will do what He will
do about coming, but it is SOON. Millions of professed believers have been told the study
of Prophecy is not important, that we can't know when He is coming, that Prophecy frightens,
is divisive, sensationalized, that the study of end times is a CROCK ! I feel my message is to the
same audience. Those that are ASLEEP to the fact that we are living in the most dangerous times in history. Things ARE NOT going to go on just as they have for the past 200 years. Israel is back in the land, man can now destroy himself over 50 times for the first time in history, the New World Order is around the next corner, Israel is chomping right now to sign a false peace treaty with their enemies. My friends in Christ, His coming is not gloom and doom!
It is good news! What is so bad about our Savior coming to Redeem us and banish evil from
the world ?! It is now time to turn off the TV and blow the dust off of your Bible and read it
like your life depended on it because, I have news for you. It Does! God is real and He is really coming again for His Body. Believe it, You are either going to be caught up soon to meet
the Lord in the air, or you will wake up too late in a more then real nightmare, in the Tribulation.
Wake up and watch or He will come at a time when you are not WATCHING.

Enjoy the broadcast with Pastor Biltz!

Click the button below to listen. You may have to PAUSE the June 20th show first to hear better.
6/24/2008Pastor Biltz Night 2 - 6/24/08 *****

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