Saturday, November 1, 2008

Repent and Believe - Come Out of Walking Death To Life

Born Again

Trust in the one who came down here to reveal the Father.
The world is simply in darkness. They don't want to acknowledge their sins. They like what they do and do not want to give it up.
John 3 gives a good picture in understanding this issue and understanding what it means to be born of the water and the spirit. The world walks like dead men condemned, but they could be washed clean and even though their sins are as crimson, they could be made as white as snow.

When one is born again, it has nothing to do with traditions of men, their rules, creeds, churches, religions, denominations, baptisms by churches, joining groups of men (churches) !
It is simply a supernatural act that saves you and brings you from being spiritually dead to a state of spiritually alive. We are given the choice to have life or death. Eternal life or destruction. The church is not a beautiful stack of bricks.
The church is made up of individual people who are His now
and who have had their hearts of stone changed. They who have experienced a washing of regeneration and are now a new creation of God.
Listen to this excellent discussion about how John 3 ties in with
Ezk 36:25-31 :

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