Sunday, December 21, 2008

Trust In Jesus and Not Traditions of Men

There are a lot of reasons that people in this world refuse the light
of the Gospel that would save them, but Satan, the God of this world has blinded
their minds, that they will not believe the simple truth of the SAVING GOSPEL.

Maybe, they were raised up in a home that worshiped another Jesus and
listened and believed another gospel other then the Saving Gospel of the Bible.
Satan could not destroy the church early on, so he infiltrated among the true believers and started to pervert the Gospel and the Word of God. I pray for you that you will
COME OUT OF RELIGION and believe the simple message of salvation and be SAVED. The hour is soon coming where no man can work for the Lord. This nation is about to pass laws that state it is against the law to reach out to other faiths with THE TRUE GOSPEL of God. Time is short my friend, my family, my brother somewhere
out there in the world......This message is a little lengthy, but it is THE SAVING need to believe. You are not saved by joining some church, religion,
or denomination, by worshiping according to CONVENIENCE rather then what the
Word of God says. Baptism by men and getting wet a lot or little does not save you...
not as a child or as an adult. You will be saved if you trust Jesus and what He did
and finished on the cross.....No matter what the counsel of Trent says or the Pope or a preacher says. Believe Him ..... NOT JUST IN HIM. Amen.
Sincerely, Your Brother Mark

Listen and pray about this:

Them That Are Lost



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