Sunday, March 29, 2009

Armor of God - Strong In The Lord

There is a Spiritual war going on ! Satan wants to blind people from
the truth Of Salvation and the Gospel. So far he has been doing his best job in the
area of RELIGION . The largest denomination in the world is the one called...........
"IGNORANT": The Lord said through Paul that he would not have us to be so!

Put on the ARMOR OF GOD and protect yourself from the WILES OF THE DEVIL !

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The christian in complete armor.

Download 1 Strong In The Lord
Download 2 The Whole Armor Of God
Download 3 Loins Girt About With Truth
Download 4 Breastplate Of Righteousness Part 1
Download 5 Breastplate Of Righteousness Part 2
Download 6 Feet Shod With Gospel Of Peace
Download 7 The Shield Of Faith
Download 8 Helmet Of Salvation
Download 9 The Sword Of The Spirit

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