Friday, March 27, 2009

Strong Meat For You About Rapture

Many people say they do not believe in the Rapture...because they say the word
Rapture is not found in the Bible. Those same people are quick to jump on the subject
of the Second Coming.....BUT I HAVE SOME NEWS FOR YOU...........The words...
"Second Coming" is not in the Bible either. Maybe it's time to put away the milk
bottle and take on some strong meat on the subject of the Rapture. And while you are at it,
You better be be "Watching". That word is in the bible.


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Rapture Issues by Rodney Beaulieu Rodney's web site
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Download Part 1 Will there be a rapture ?
Download Part 2 The heaven & The Earth
Download Part 3 Our Blessed Hope (Sorry for the noises)
Download Part 4 The Rapture
Download Part 5 The 2nd coming of Christ
Download Part 6 Face of the deep
Download Part 7 Path of the 2nd coming

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