Sunday, March 8, 2009

Understanding The Body of Christ

Why do many local assemblies of churches require more rules
to be part of their group then God requires us to be part of the Body of Christ?
Something is wrong here ! Just maybe they are adding to the Gospel of Christ.

God Himself.........says that any that preach another gospel are accursed. Just maybe
many had better check to see if their fellowship is of the devil or of Christ.

Just what is the BODY OF CHRIST ?
How does it differ from the Church of Israel and the nation of Israel with it's message of
of the Kingdom of God Gospel ?

The Body of Christ is for us today, which is under grace.
Israel was under the law and looked to the promise of the coming Kingdom
of God to the earth in the future.

Most churches you have heard of today, try to mix the message of the Kingdom
which belongs to Israel with the message of the Gospel which belongs to
the Body of Christ. The vast majority of denominations of churches....
those who belong to the "World Council of Churches"....Are what are called
Replacement Theology and Amillennial in their teachings.

I pray all people will study...GREATLY.......TO UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE
BETWEEN........The Body of Christ and denominational - dominational -COUNTERFEITS.

Satan has tried to complicate the simple message of the Gospel of Grace with
44,000 denominations that add to or subtract from the True Gospel. The Scriptures
teach the difference and Paul said to not be "ignorant".

There is not time to decide between watching TV shows all night that you recorded
during the day while at work and studying "HARD" the Scriptures to show your
self approved to rightly divide the Word of Truth.

Some that are in the denominational churches are saved even though the church
they fellowship in has done it's best to teach doctrines of devils and cover over
the True Gospel with creeds, prayers said over and over in vain..."The Lord's Prayer",
traditions of men - not of God, rules requiring doing this or that good deed, laws,
sacraments, etc, etc...........! I know some people in those churches, I repeat some...
that have been such great people caring about others with true love and always caring about
others as them selves.......that I must believe that in spite of their churches contrary
doctrinal teachings they have read Paul speak in scriptures and believed the simple

Belonging to such fellowships can deny us great truths that are the Blessings of the
Body of Christ when they believe His Word of Truth and leave the traditions of men
behind and study to show ourselves approved. APPROVED OF WHAT ? You might say?
The answer might be found in the Judgement Seat of Christ. Those that build on the foundation with the wrong materials will find them all burned up, but they themselves
will be saved. They just might loose positions God would like us to have in ruling
with Christ forever in Eternity, but not Salvation.

See the difference between the Body of Christ.........and all the counterfeits
put forth by Satan as an angel of light to fool this world.

Sunday November 4, 2007
"The Church The Body of Christ"
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