Friday, March 6, 2009

The Lord's Prayer - Case Study

So many today, miss apply the so called "Lord's Prayer" to the Body of Christ.

See the truth about this study of Jesus, not a prayer, to the Jewish disciples in

Matt 6:10

Audio: Case Study: The Lord's Prayer

Justin Curtis Johnson, September 28, 2008


There are three ways to study scripture: historically, spiritually, and doctrinally. In this lesson we use the Lord's Prayer as a case study learn how to read scripture in these three ways.

Learn how to study all of scripture and how misapplying the doctrine in a passage can cause trouble.


1 comment:

Brother Mark said...

After studying this issue carefully
and prayerfully in God's Word...
I find that Paul received this
doctrine from Jesus and we are to
"do this" "in remembrance of His
death til He comes."

Their is more then one way to
take the bread. One with the symbol
of the bread and wine...
the other is to take in God Bread,
His Word Daily to be nourished and
grow and know in grace of God.