Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Choose Life - Not Death

Have Life - Choose Life - Not Death

There was a time that we did not yet exist. At a certain time in history, a seed from your mother was joined with a seed from your father, and at that second, you came into being.
You were given from God, at this very second you became a being, a spirit called in the Bible
"the spirit in man". That spirit that came to you from God, imparted life to your physical, tiny
little fleshly body that consisted at that first moment of life, of two seeds, now joined into one tiny
little growing, living being of flesh and blood. That "spirit in man" is like unto a wonderful and powerful living computer from God. It commands the cells to grow in they way God designed
them to grow. All at the same time, recording every detail of growth and history of your
living being and essence. It also allows the human being to understand things at a level
far above other physical creatures. The brains of an elephant and of mans physically look
identical. The difference is that the brain of man has the "spirit of man", which gives man the
ability to communicate and reason at a level that other creatures cannot do without it.
"The spirit in man" also gives man the ability to be able, eventually, to communicate
with the Spirit of God.

The "spirit in man" goes back to God at the moment of death. This "spirit in man"
has recorded everything about you, from your physical makeup to your spiritual makeup.
Many people simply do not develop from physical to anything spiritual. More on that
as we move along. They simply do not become all that God would have them TO BE,

The "spirit in man" belongs to God who gave it. It in itself, is not an immortal soul like
many would like to believe. The words "immortal soul" are not in the Bible. The very first
time we read of the "soul" is when God made man out of the dust of the ground and breathed
into Adam the breath of life, and Adam became a "living soul". The words "living soul"
are translated from Hebrew word "nephish" which means air breathing creature. The same
word "nephish" is used for beasts that are air breathing creatures.

At the first moment of life, we are "begotten" in the flesh. A physical seed from our father
unites with a physical seed of our mother and we become "begotten, but not yet born" into
the world. We grow and develop at the command of the "spirit in man" until the day we
come from are mother's womb and are born into this world as a carnal, earthly,terrestrial
body. This is what Scripture calls the first birth. We were growing in a sack full of water
in our mother's womb, so when we are born this way, it is "born of water". The same for all
other souls = "nephish" air breathing, living creatures. No flesh and blood, earthly being,
can enter into the Kingdom of God. More on that as we go on.

Religion appears to have two EXTREMES when it comes to understanding life and death.
One side sees man as being a completely physical soul or air breathing life, and without an immortal soul that will simply die and wait for a resurrection, either to eternal life or to eternal death and separation from God. They believe in "soul sleep" and do not believe Paul when he says to be absent from the body is to be with the Lord. But that statement only applies to the "saved", not the "unsaved".

The other EXTREME, believes that man is born an "immortal soul". They teach that man
is without God and in his sins. That man needs to trust in the finished work of Christ on the cross
and there by gain eternal life. Jesus came that we "might" have eternal life. They teach that
we need to be in Christ and saved to gain eternal life,......BUT AT THE SAME TIME,.....
believe that man already has eternal or immortal life. He just has to "choose" which place he
will spend all "eternity". With Jesus in heaven or with the devil, burning forever in hell.
(Both of these EXTREMES ARE CONFUSED BY THE AUTHOR OF CONFUSION.) And this second group teaches that when you die you go straight past GO to hell and begin burning and burning. They "redefine death" to be separation from God in hell.....
and burning and burning ....without ever completely "perishing" Unfortunately, there is no word
in the English languish or Bible for destroy, that goes on and on without eventual complete "destruction".
You cannot be forever in an incomplete state of in destruction, never finally reaching complete destruction.

Later, that poor "immortal soul", as they call him without the benefit of Scripture
for proof, is brought up from hell and is judged, now in his body again that has been
resurrected, and then cast back into the "everlasting inferno" "lake of fire" to continue to sizzle
in pain forever in the presence of Jesus. Seems to me, you can't have it both ways.
Either you as the unsaved, are separated from God forever, or you are cooking in flames in the
presence of Jesus. But this group somehow believes both, just not remembering each at the same time.

The truth of the matter is found in Scripture far between these TWO EXTREMES.
What either EXTREME seems not to comprehend, is how man gains immortal life,
when, where, and how.

Adam and Eve could have had eternal life, but lost it to the penalty of death, for sinning
against God. The way that they accessed eternal life is different from the way the "Body of Christ" obtains "immortal life". Adam and Eve ate of the tree of life, and as long as they had
access to this "tree of life", they would not die. When they sinned and were cast out of the
garden, God placed angels to guard the entrance to the garden with flaming swords, ... lest
they be able to reach out and take of the tree of life and eat and have eternal life. Being
cast out from access to the "tree of life", they were mortal and would surely die. They and all
their children after them would be mortal and without access to eternal or immortal life.
AHHHH, but God had a secret hidden from an since before the beginning of time. A mystery to be REVEALED BY DIRECT REVELATION to Paul, How the nations of men, apart from Israel,
could access "immortal life" or "eternal life". Such a complete "mystery" that if Satan had only
known about it, he would not have seen to it that the Lord was crucified !

to be continued.....

by Mark Phillips

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