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Have Life - Choose Life Part II

Choose life - have life Part II

The Gospel of God as found written in the Bible for us to hear about, and read
and understand, and trust after hearing and reading, is God's Good News on how
we mortals can have access to immortal or eternal life. We were first born earthy,carnal,
corrupt, rebellious and dead in our sins, (having no "tree of life") to access and found yet in or
sins and dead (spiritually). Those not saved, not in Christ, are without immortal life, and just
plain mortals. Their "spirit in man" that they were given at the beginning of their mortal life,
can't communicate with the Spirit of God in this fallen state of sin. The "carnal"
cannot know the things of God because they do not have the Spirit of God in them
to teach the "spirit in man" in them that they have been given. They (the carnal, unsaved)
are walking dead men and don't even know it. The life that they so desperately cling to in this life
is but a vapor, like a puff of smoke, here now but only temporary. They are yet in Adam, in their
sins and without immortal life.

When we are "first born" into Satan's world, we are "dead in Adam". We have inherited Adam's fallen, sinful, rebellious nature. Carnal to its dead core. We, at that time, did not
possess immortal life. We were yet DEAD in our sins.

The "Good News" is that while we were yet mortal, and dead spiritually Jesus PAID THE
PRICE OF ALL SIN BY HIS DEATH ON THE CROSS. He gave up for a time his Glory
and came down here to become one of us, be sinless, and die for our awful sins.
He was resurrected back to life, GLORIFIED ONCE AGAIN, but this time he became

We were all "dead in Adam" , but we can be made (spiritually) alive in Christ, the 2nd Adam.

What is a man (who is not saved) ?
What happens to the spiritually dead man, yet in his sins when he dies the "first death" ?
He is just like Adam, dead in his sins, mortal without immortal life or eternal life.
Remember, Christ came that we "might" have eternal life. That means we didn't yet possess
eternal life. Remember Adam was barred from access to the tree of life less he take and eat of the tree of life and live forever.

While man was yet temporarily alive, he was but a walking spiritually dead man and didn't know it.
When he dies, he is still spiritually dead and without immortal life. His body goes to the "grave", "pit", hole in the ground" to await a "resurrection" to be "alive again".
The living air breathing creature or "soul dies" He has become a dead soul. The "spirit in man"
that gave him life goes back to Him to it belongs, God. Remember, this is not an "immortal soul"
or even any kind of "soul". To ever become alive again, he must be resurrected back to life
at the "resurrection of the rest of the dead" at the great white throne judgment. There, God will
once again give him back his "spirit in man" that recorded all about his life, essence and being,
and all he ever did good or bad in his earthly life. He does not have eternal life. He is resurrected
back to life as an "air breathing, living Soul". For one to have eternal life, one has to put on"immortality". One must be clothed in Christ's Righteousness and not be found not "naked",
without a heavenly tabernacle, an eternal building to be housed in for eternity.
Concerning the teaching of the Holy Scriptures on the subject of the immortality of the human soul, the New Catholic Encyclopedia, vol. 13, pp. 467, 468, article "Soul in the Bible," states:

"In the first Christian writers one does not find the arguments from reason concerning the immortality of the soul but rather the proclamation that God through Christ has called man to a life of happiness that will never end."

"The notion of the soul surviving after death is not readily discernible in the Bible."

"The Bible does not speak of the survival of an immaterial soul."

He will be judged by the most righteous judge to ever live who is full of mercy and all righteous
understanding and judgment. If found guilty of not trusting in the one and only all powerful merciful Savior and his finished work on the cross to save all men from their sins, he will
be cast...........into the lake of fire and his soul and body will "PERISH" ....BE DESTROYED.
Matt 10:28
28 And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.


Jesus said, " Fear him is able to destroy both body and soul in hell."
My brothers and sisters, there is no MAGICAL CHANGE OF DEFINITIONS OF WORDS IN
English or the Bible. "Dead" means just what is does now to you in this life and most fear it.
NO MORE LIFE....NOT KNOWING ANYTHING,(only for the unsaved) They will be "destroyed" and they
""WILL BE NO MORE". Look up these words...."EVEN THE MEMORY OF THEM WILL BE GONE." Mal. "Be no more" is in your Bible. BELIEVE IT. The words "IMMORTAL SOUL"
is not in your Bible. Don't believe the greatest liar, Satan, when he said "you will not surely die."

Conditional Immortality: He can be "quickened" and have eternal life when saved, but not before then.
We have as yet to show how mortal man can be "quickened" be in Christ, have his spirit become
alive in Christ..., Begotten of God, so he can yet put on immortality, and be Born (AGAIN) by resurrection into a Glorious Body, heavenly tabernacle, not ashamed and not naked, but clothed in white, the righteousness of Christ and so possess immortal life, even before he dies...he is made spiritually alive and no longer "dead in sin" So when the saved die, they are present with the Lord or maybe even, if alive when our Savior comes for his body, we will be among those that never see
In Ephesians 2:1-7, Paul is writing to encourage the believers at Ephesus as well as all future generations of believers. Look especially at verse 5: "Even when we were dead in sins, (God) hath "quickened" us together with Christ (by grace ye are saved);"

by Mark Phillips
to be cont in Part III

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