Sunday, April 22, 2012

Called Before The Foundation of the World

The new for me revelation about our higher calling to be manifested with Christ Jesus is coming in more and more clear as we see we will be made manifest with Him when He appears to us in the highest heaven in glory. It is clear Paul is showing in Eph that he wants us to understand this higher calling and the deep and wonderful riches there in as we are now seated in heaven also and will be made manifest with Him before those others look to their different hope from ours to his coming in the clouds .........1. Please go to the section called "The Appearing" in the audio section in link below. Go to audio section 10 and click #2 to listen.  You will be blessed to hear this...2. Then listen to link 2 below.......
COPY and PASTE each LiNK BELOW to hear each audio:


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