Saturday, April 21, 2012

Faulty Rulers of Men

Hello my friend....Just started to do some videos to get more personable with you out there in cyber land. I posted over 600 articles on my blogs, sharing God's wonderful will for you and all mankind.  His truth is absolutely FREE....All He wants you to do is just believe Him.  His truth and will is printed out clearly in even the KJV, but few believe Him because of false traditions of men.  Why not do more then believe in Him.....Even Satan does that.  Take the next step and BELIEVE HIM.  I Tim 4:10 God is the Savior of all mankind.  Is there anything in the way of God getting his will for you and all others.  Is anything impossible for  God?!    Is God a liar when he says in His Scripture Jesus is the savior of all men? Will He really end up saving only a very few? Is He really a weak tyrant that is out to get you and fry you forever if you do not do what He said one time even or maybe never heard of Him?  Do U believe all the traditions of men that sell God short of His great POWER and LOVE?

I Tim 4:10   If I said I was going to take care of my health, especially my cold? What would that mean to you?  What is God saying in the above verse.  Is He a liar or is the traditions of men that deny God's power and love for all His creation a liar?  Let all men be liars, but God TRUE .  Amen

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